Welcome to I Eat What I Need (IEWIN)

We are a team of women who have all struggled with feeding ourselves and being in our bodies.  We are learning every day to eat more naturally, making conscious choices to nourish our bodies, minds and hearts and move away from the cravings and compulsive eating which had become such a burden.

We also strive to counteract the current climate of body-shaming and body-hatred, which only serves to make men and women feel unacceptable in their own skin.

We invite you to share this journey with us, to learn to eat what you need, and to let go of foods, habitual behaviours and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.


We run groups and workshops in Colchester and Brighton.


To join a Colchester-based group, please contact Jan Holden:



To join a Brighton-based group, please contact Emily Holden:



Join our community on social media if you’d like more information, or feel free to send us a message!

Facebook – I eat what I need

Instagram – I eat what I need

Twitter – I eat what I need

We look forward to sharing with you!



2 Responses to About

  1. Sally north says:

    Hi jan and Emily I would really like a workshop to learn how to make some of the alternative foods, it’s really hard only making these for 1 , I’m ok with main courses and breakfast but get bored with same old thing need snack recipes for lunch other than soup . I’ve lost my confidence with cooking need to use more pulses xxxx


    • I am thinking about the possibility of a monthly lunch club where a few of us get together and make some luscious plant based food then eat it. Sounds good? Although I use cook books for inspiration I don’t strictly follow recipes and tend to just “eyeball” amounts and ingredients. I have taken a picture of my most inspiring cookbooks and I will post it shortly. If anyone else might be interested in the monthly lunch club then let me know. Thanks for commenting! xxx


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