Evening group in Colchester starting Tuesday 10th May

Are you done with diets, harsh fitness regimes, calorie counting apps? Has your 5:2 become 7:0? Are you ready to try a completely different approach to your eating issues?

Would you like to find peace around eating and your body, so that you can realise your natural weight and stay there, without the need for dieting and restriction?

Would you like to be free of obsession around food, so that you can reconnect with your natural hunger and make choices based on nourishment rather than compulsion?

Together, using our seven stage process, we explore compulsive eating, overeating, undereating, addictive eating and body issues. The group is facilitated by Jan, Kate and Jane. We have experienced first hand the challenge, frustration and shame of disordered eating during our lives, but, using this process, we have found peace and freedom around food and our bodies. We have tools and strategies to share with you, but (you won’t be surprised to hear this!) no magic wand or quick fix. A commitment to attending all seven sessions is helpful to get the most out of the course.

Tuesdays 7.30-9.30pm The Tree Rooms, Trinity Street, Colchester, starting on Tuesday May 10th 2016. 

To book your place please call 07970578120 or email holden.je@gmail.com 

Our last two courses were donation only courses, but we would like to charge an upfront fee of  70 pounds for seven sessions* from now on. This insures that we are able to pay our room hire and administration charges. Neither Jane, Kate or I take a fee for our services. We offer a money back guarantee that if you attend all seven sessions without experiencing any positive changes to your eating or body issues, then we will refund your fee in full.

*Concessions may be available (please call number above or email)

We look forward to you joining us.

I Eat What I Need.




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