Our first group session

I eat what I need has held its first session in Colchester! Thank you to the nine participants who came and joined us. Kate, Jane and I are so pleased to meet you all.

We explored our “eating timelines” and discovered some of our individual past history with food. Before any form of change can occur, we need to understand where we have come from.

We looked at how our brains are wired for compulsion through our weeks, months and sometimes years of deprivation, diets and restriction. Understanding our neurology frees us from the negative stereotyping of people with food and body issues as weak willed, plain greedy or just lacking in determination. Knowing that we can change our sometimes bewildering and self sabotaging behaviour to find some peace around food is very empowering.

We looked at Stage One of The Process: NOTICING. Our group have gone away with the tools to start their own process. Would you like to join us next Monday? You too could start your own process of change with like minded people in a supportive and empathetic environment.

We are here for you.

Jan, Kate and Jane xxx

Every Monday except Bank Holidays, 10-12 noon, The Tree Rooms, 21, Trinity Street, Colchester.


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