The Group: here it is!

“I eat what I need” is launching a regular weekly group in Colchester for people with food, weight and body image issues every Monday morning from 10am-12pm from 8th February 2016 at the Tree Rooms, 12, Trinity Street, Colchester CO1 1JR.

Emily will be launching her group in Brighton a few weeks later.

We offer this group on a donation only basis so that no-one is excluded. It is open to all of us who are ready to change our relationship with food but who simply don’t know how to navigate the choppy waters of a New Year stuffed full of “New Year, New You” messages. It is a group for those of us who are done with false promises and unachievable goals. For those of us who stare at the bottom of the biscuit tin and ask ourselves “Why?”

Kate, Jane, Emily and I have found different, individual and effective solutions to the daily struggle to feed ourselves well, so that we can live in a body of natural size with energy to spare and a mind that is not constantly preoccupied with food. We have brought these ideas together and discovered our commonalities as well as our uniqueness.

This is not a “one size fits all” or “magic wand” solution. We bring this to you knowing, that with our combined experience, backed up with research evidence you can make sense of, we can help and support each other in changing our relationship with food and our bodies.

We want you to feel the pleasure of living in a body where you feel at one, rather than at odds, with yourself and your appetite. We will explore how every aspect of your experience with food has created the eater that you are today and how, by combining the support and tools, you will develop your own unique strategies and solutions, creating a different reality to the one you are living with today.

If you are feeling scared or worried about coming along to the group, we understand. It is a bold move to step out on a Monday morning and say “Yes! I am ready to seek out some help and support”. All we can say is that we are here for you. Jane, Kate, Emily and I have all experienced the disappointment of the yet another failed diet/fitness/”get a grip” mentality, many, many times. We are offering something different.

Join us to discover how to eat what you need.

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2 Responses to The Group: here it is!

  1. Sharon Taylor says:

    I would love to come to the group but as I work full time I just can’t attend a day time event. Any plans to run an evening session?


  2. We would love to run an evening group if there is sufficient interest. Anyone else prefer evenings?


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