Would you like to come to this group?

I eat what I need is launching a six week course for those wanting to learn, cook, eat and share.

The practicalities of eating clean: learn what a plant-based diet actually is (it’s not rabbit food!) and how to make it. See how quick and easy it can be.

The science of eating clean: discover, in plain, understandable language, the latest nutritional thinking, but also learn more about our own individual body, so that we can make better choices around food. One size does not fit all!

Stay clean: do the work, with support and encouragement, that needs to be done when you stop using food to meet your emotional needs.

We will prepare and eat a delicious meal together which is designed to offer you an understanding of what clean eating is, based on safe foods which will not perpetuate cycles of craving and compulsion.

We will learn about our bodies, our brains and how they are both affected not just by the food that we eat, but how we feel about the food that we eat.

We will start the process of letting go of old habits and behaviours that have led to our struggles with food, weight and body size. Changing your diet is the fun, rewarding part as your physical body enjoys being full of wonderfully nutritious food. Changing your thoughts can be more challenging, but we can offer tools and strategies to help and support you on your way to a new place of health and happiness, where food is no longer the greatest enemy or your best friend.

So, would you like to attend this group? The first course will run from Wednesday 3rd June to 8th July from 12-2pm. I would like any suggestions for a venue near Colchester, Essex UK as currently I am without one (but trusting that the right space will appear). I also suggest that this first course be donation only rather than a fixed price. Please leave me any thoughts or suggestions in the comments section or PM me on the FB page.

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