Clean Christmas

This isn’t the first year that we have eaten clean at Christmas but every time a celebration comes around I pause to consider what the consequences will be for us if we dive into the “crack”, as processed foods, particularly those made with sugar and wheat, are called in our house.

A crack-fuelled Christmas would mean routine overeating, the comedown from the crack producing craving, seeking out more and more carbs through cupboard cruising. Feelings of deprivation when the crack is all gone. The only movement would be a stroll round the park to relieve the massive bloating!

A clean Christmas has an abundance of food (literally a whole trolley full of veg from Aldi. The cashier looked a bit surprised!); planning of meals to accommodate all choices as we were 2 veggies, 2 Paleo and 3 standard people round the table; lots of different activities, from the obvious walks to the amazing creation of terrariums and aromatherapy creams plus our own version of Desert Island Discs which was my personal favourite. The table expanded over the holiday to encompass our nearest and dearest who were up for a bit of plant based deliciousness and a Christmas that wasn’t all about the food.


Would I ever want to go back to sticking my head in a tin of Quality Street and only coming up for air once all those sparkly wrappers were screwed up on the floor? No.

Tell us about your Christmas, what worked and what didn’t and how you would like your next celebration to be.

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6 Responses to Clean Christmas

  1. Sally Pain says:

    Our Christmas included meat and vegetables, but no bloating, quality street, or overeating. I ate consciously but would like more yummy veggy tasty morsels.


    • We hope to put recipes and veggie/vegan ideas onto the blog in future. Eating raw food and juicing was a big part of my healing but I know this doesn’t suit everyone. We want to be an inclusive space for all to feel welcome. We hope to share some tasty veggie morsels with you soon! xxx


  2. Gill Moore says:

    So good you are doing this! I had every intention of a clean Christmas but as the days went on it became harder, especially when eating at friends who had laid delicious temptations! Now have bloated tummy and need to get back to normal healthy choices.


    • Thanks Gill, yes, I think a bit of honesty around food is needed because it is hard to keep dodging the crack when it is all around and people think they are being kind and loving giving you treats. Especially at work! See you next week xxx


  3. Sally north says:

    I tried a healthier approach to some christmas food with a delicious wheat free no added sugar cake and a no added sugar Xmas pud , but still ended up with unhealthy foodie pressies not easy and wine ! Moving back to healthier eating now the new year has come ,also homemade icecream with organic mincemeat ! Probably not very clean ?xxxx


  4. Reblogged this on Just, sit. and commented:
    A great post by a keen yoga and meditation practitioner, on a great blog. Look out for Pachamama retreats all about regaining a natural balance and healthy, mindful relationship with food.


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